Installation, Service & Support delivered by highly experienced AV professionals

Adopting new technology can often be a challenge.  Advanced offers a full suite of Surface Hub services including specialized Microsoft Integration and User adoption training


Installation Services

There are many options for Surface Hub installation whether you intend to mount the device on the wall or attach it to a mobile stand. Our experts at Advanced are here to eliminate the hassle of installation. We will perform a brief site survey to ensure that the location is suitable for the Surface Hub and then take care of all your installation needs.

Integration Services

  1. Hands on system setup from Surface Hub account creation, Out of the box configuration, software updates, application installation and device testing.
  2. Virtual Integration Option – Using Skype® for Business, Our Professional Services team will work with your IT team to assist, demonstrate and direct as needed to get your Surface Hub up and running in your organization.
  3. Complete and Seamless integration with your existing Microsoft enterprise services and software – We know that Surface Hub reaches its full potential when integrated with enterprise technologies such as Exchange, Active Directory and Skype for Business.  Let us help you ensure you make the most of your investment!
  4. A member of our professional integration team will help guide your user(s) through:
    • Surface Hub account setup (Skype for Business-enabled room resource mailbox)
    • The end to end Out-of-Box-Experience
    • Surface Hub configuration/updates
    • Application installation
    • Device testing


Training Services

Our mission is to ensure your team is able to not only use your Surface Hub effectively but to integrate it into your meetings and workflow.  This is where our user training and adoptions services can help!

Advanced Microsoft Surface Hub Training and Adoption Services

  1. Learn, Collaborate, Participate and Engage as a Team
  2. Maximize learning and minimize downtime.
  3. Learn together with your colleagues, employees and/or team members together with the Surface Hub! More and more companies are realizing the value of bringing training on-site.   Our Instructor-Led Training is a flexible, cost-effective option that allows you to train as many or as few employees as you need—from a single team or department to everyone in your organization with your Surface Hub in the environment of your choice.


Onsite Training

Consider our most popular onsite service.  Your employees and organization will benefit because:

  • Courses are planned around individual and department schedules and delivered in any format.
  • Teams learn with real-world, specific examples to ensure your project’s success.
  • You maintain productivity with flexible course scheduling.
  • You can train groups of employees to significantly reduce expenses.
  • You can tailor the course material to fulfill corporate needs and expectations.


Let us bring the classroom to you onsite!  Programs are delivered when and where you want them—at your offices.


Virtual Training

Our virtual training services are increasing in popularity as it’s a great way to keep costs down but still accomplishing your goal of onboarding key staff to use the Surface Hub.  Key benefits include:

  • Learn, collaborate & participate with your team virtually
  • Attend one of our sessions virtually from anywhere.
  • Most importantly, our virtual training gives you an effective and proven online learning option to take your Microsoft Surface Hub Training and the freedom to attend from virtually anywhere. This training effectively delivers our Onsite, Instructor-Led Training experience directly to students anywhere the student wants to take the class.


With our virtual learning service, you still get the engaging, live classroom environment that allows you to easily interact with instructors and fellow students in-person and virtually. You can expect to collaborate, engage, participate and learn as if you are in the room with your classmates– from home, work, or anywhere with an internet connection, resulting in a lower cost option to consider as you adopt this exciting new technology.


Maintenance Services

Advanced endeavors to design, install and maintain AV systems that function virtually every time you plan on using them but we do know that from time to time problems and failures do occur.

Maintenance and service needs can vary by organization and installation type and typically depend on such factors as room usage, the complexity of the AV systems within the rooms as well as the importance of the room in question.  Which is why we’ve created customize comprehensive packages that are designed to meet each of the individual needs of the various room types included in the building design.


After-Sales Support

Our customer support and service technicians are courteous, efficient and highly trained. They are all certified by the International Communications Industries Association and maintain their expertise and knowledge through extensive ongoing product training. They are outfitted with the best diagnostic tools and equipment enabling them to quickly and confidently service your audiovisual products.

Advanced is proud to offer a wide range of specialized customer support services designed to meet a diverse set of customer needs, regardless of complexity or geographic location. These support services include such things as time & materials repair service, warranty management service and AV helpdesk support. For high priority rooms or mission critical environments we offer an elite preventative maintenance program that includes scheduled preventative maintenance visits, service level commitments on response times, escalated emergency response plans in addition to the option of having technical staff permanently located onsite to provide immediate technical support.